Energetic Feng Shui and Room-Acupuncture

What ist  Energetic Feng Shui and Room-Acupuncture?

Balance the energy in your home and workspace

Energetic Feng Shui is a healing method for rooms, flats, apartments and areas. It is the knowledge about energy flows in the environnement and the effects of them on human beings.

All rooms and buildings have their own character, a individual structure of energy flows. These energy flows have an effects to the energy flow of people, their feelings and emotional and intuitive decisions.

Energetic Feng Shui  clears, activates and harmonizes the energy flow in your environnement noticeable. It can provide any space, inside or out, with an atmosphere that enhances your comfort, wellbeing and overall health. It increases the well-being for the users of the rooms at a physical and a spiritual level in such a way that you will develope an absolutely new attitude towards life. This is a personalized process that is tailored to reflect you in your environment.

Unlike traditional Feng Shui, with Energetic Feng Shui, rearranging your furniture, walls or color scheme is not necessary. It works in buildings as acupuncture works on the physical body. It works immediately and usually, the difference is felt immediately.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t relax in your home or at work?
Are you often tired or just on edge when you go home or into the office?
Do you feel stressed at work and are often unable to relax?
Do you feel uncomfortable at home?
Are you still tired in the morning even you have had enough sleep?
Is it your surroundings which are causing the problems?

Energetic Feng Shui provides a solution.